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What is tahajud prayer

What is tahajud prayer? Sunna prayer two rak’ah for each sala it is a prayer held in the third night. There is also a opinion that this prayer is done at half-time end of the night or two-third night until dawn time. The scholars have two different opinions about the practice of prayer which in… Read More »

Procedures of Tahajud Prayer

Prayer Tahajud Prayer Tahajud or doa sholat tahajud  is better known by tahajud prayer usually dillaksanakan on the last third of the night when other humans sleep in silence. This prayer includes sunnah prayer considering the many benefits we can feel. Given the special of this prayer, to the extent that Anas bin Malik used to… Read More »

Dalil and Procedures of Sholat Hajat

As a weak creature, human beings have many needs. Among human intents, there are things that can be easily strived, and some need help. And the best of help is from Allah swt. One way to bring help to a need or desire is fulfilled by sunnat shalat prayer. This is the right path and… Read More »