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Sharia Nariyah Latin and Its Meaning

Prophet Muhammad is the most beloved man of the Muslims. Even more love for yourself. A companion of the Messenger of Allah, Umar bin Khattab, once said to the Messenger. “Verily, O Messenger of Allah, is the one I love most of all than myself.” Said Umar bin Khattab r. On one occasion. The Prophet… Read More »

Sholawat Nabi, History and Function

Sholawat Nabi Praise be to the prophet should make it a daily practice. Because not only many uses are found in the Holy Prophet, many faidahs are obtained after reading and practicing the prophet’s teachings. Praying should not be long enough, if less time due to busyness can read short and short sholawat. Sholawat nabi… Read More »