The Difference is Interested, Awe, Likes, Love and Love You Need to Know!

By | August 27, 2017


A sense of interest usually comes first.That feeling usually slips in when you accidentally see or find something. This sense of attraction is the most basic feeling before you can feel the same with someone. If you are not interested in a person, you can not approach or find out until you can be amazed, even to love, love and love with someone.

When you are interested, there is one little thing about a person that makes you want to know him more.

Everyone has an attraction that is only considered interesting by someone or some people only. For example ya, maybe your access is a person straight to the point. For some people, it may not be interesting and fun, but maybe for someone or some people, they see it as your attraction.

Interest is easy to fade, especially if not accompanied by the will to know the person deeper. With less frequency of interaction and interaction, the interest may float there. Become a mere sense of interest, without being able to grow into a sense of awe. Kata Kata Cinta


The sense of awe can appear anytime, anywhere, anyone and usually comes after a sense of interest arises. The sense of awe is not limited to just the opposite sex, but you can also be amazed by your same-sex friends. The sense of awe usually comes after you are attracted to someone. You will be amazed that the person has an advantage that you find interesting.

For example, you could be amazed by a handsome and handsome boy or girl with a beautiful and elegant look, you can also admire the guitar player you just saw at the concert, even though you do not know who that person is or how his daily habits after you Interested in seeing his cunning guitar game. You can also be amazed by your friends who just finished the presentation with flawless and managed to convince yourself and the whole room that his thinking was super cool.

Usually, this sense of awe is temporary. When you find someone who can make you chuckle in awe more loudly, then your admiration for the old man may be lost. But remember lho, guys, the awe is also the seed of love, which if watered regularly and regularly can grow.

The difference amazed the other taste? When you admire someone, you will always pay attention to the side or outer skin. You are only happy with what he did and when there is a bad side of him that you find, your sense of awe can also be lost. When someone does not reach your expectations, then say goodbye to that person.

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When you are interested and amazed with someone, over time you can like the same person. How can? There is no scientific explanation behind this statement but, one thing the author holds for sure. When the sense of awe is growing every time, then over time unconsciously, likes can grow as well. Maybe you were initially amazed because of its super-understanding. You wonder because in this world there is still a figure who can understand you that is easy to panic. Every day there is something that makes you wonder, you open layer by layer of interesting things about him and unconsciously, you like him.