Mandatory Bath Intentions and Procedures

The proper compulsory bathing procedure after having sex, menstruation, childbirth or not, is the thing that every muslim must know, and of course every Muslim does not merely satisfy himself with the things that are mubah, but try to go to the matters of sunnah / mustahab, namely Exemplifies what the Messenger of Allah used to do ‘alaihi wa sallam.

The matter of sunnah in the bathing procedure is mandatory or a perfect bath / perfect leg can be taken from the two hadith namely hadyyah aisyah and hadith maimunah radiyallahu ‘anhuma.

Mandatory Bath Intentions and Procedures

Mandatory Bath Intentions and Procedures Sometimes we dismiss this issue regarding mandatory baths or janabah, or junub is a bath that is done when we are drowning or dreaming. Well, at times like this we are obliged to shower a big shower bath. But unlike the usual baths, this mandatory shower should be taken into consideration the intentions and procedures, His name is mandatory bath, the law must be done before we carry out other work mainly obligations of worship such as prayer.

Mandatory Intentions And Procedures

The intention of a large bath or a bath of a jinabat is like the intentions of intentions in another worship, ie in the heart, as the words and meanings of the Companions of the Compulsory Intentions are as follows in the triumph in three parts AN:


1. If a large bath is caused by a drowning wet dreams, out of semen, in the shower the intent of the big bath is

Meaning: In the name of Allah I intend to bathe to remove the great hadats from the jinabah, fardlu because Allah Ta’ala

2. If the bath is large due to menstruation then the bath intentions are large

BISMILLAHI RAHMANI RAHIM NAWAITUL GHUSLA LIRAF’IL HADATSIL AKBAR MINAL HAIDI FARDLON LILLAHI TA’ALA Artinya Dengan menyebut nama Allah Aku maksud mandi mandi untuk menghilangkan hadats besar dari haidl, fardlu karena Allah Ta’ala

3. If the bath is large due to the puerperal, then the big bath niyat is

Meaning In the name of Allah I intend to shower to eliminate the great hadats of the puffer, fardlu because Allah Ta’ala

The Rules of Mandatory Bath

The Rules of Mandi wajib or Mandi Junub as follows:
And for the order of proper bathing procedures according to Islam is as follows:

1. Start with the intent to eliminate the great cause. Start everything with intentions. Can be Arabic or Indonesian only.

2. Cleans the palms of 3x and then rubs Clean the pubic and dirt around it to clean with the left hand.

3. Wash your hands after cleansing your penis by rubbing your hands over the ground or using soap.

4. Waving a perfect ablution as when praying

5. Stretch the water on the head as much as 3 times until it reaches the base of the hair

6. Wash the right head, then head the left

7. Scratch (crossing) the hair with your fingers

8. Stroke water all over the body starts from the right side, then left.

Have you explained the KAI buddy how the proper bathing procedure is correct?
So do not go wrong anymore.

Disunnahkan to execute the big bath of the jinabat’s order in order as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wa aalihi wasallam.


By Sheikh Abu Bakar Jabir Al-Jazairiy

Baths are obliged to start with the bismillah, and intend to remove the large hadast,
Cleaning his two palms three times, then knocking.
Cleaning his cock, and the dirt around him.
Ablution is like a wolf who wants to pray, except for both feet. However, it can be used for both feet while performing ablution or ending up with bathing.
He dipped his palms into the water, then interrupted the base of his head with both palms and then cleaned his head and his ears three times with three rays.

HR At-TIrmidzi Intercourse of hair is only specific to men. For the women, simply squeezing her head three times, and rubbing her, but do not break her open hair, because there is a hadith narrated by At-Tirmidhi from Umm Salamah who asked the Messenger of Allah, I asked, O Messenger of Allah! Indeed, I am a very strong woman with a haircut, can I break it down when a bath is big? So the Prophet replied, “No, it is enough for you to pour water on your head three times.

Stretched his right-handed body with water, clean it from top to bottom, then the left side like that also consecutively while cleaning the parts that Hidden from the navel, under the armpits, knees, and others, and it was narrated from Ali ibn Abi Thalib, that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: Whoever abandons the part of the body to be watered in a bathing shower even a hair not to be washed with bath water It will be treated to him as such and thus the fire of hell “. HR. Abu DawudA woman does not have to take off the braiding or haircut The bathing ritual is obligatory “O Messenger of Allah, I am a woman who is STRONGLY stretched / strangled my hair, should I let it go out during a fog bath?” He replied: “It is not necessary, but enough for you to pour three water Casting your head, then pouring water into your body, then you are holy. “HR. Muslim no. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:” The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) surrounded his wives (taking them in turns) with one bath. Muslim no. 706 and the bath here is done when the final jima finishes. So Ulsan Hasbi Htc Regarding Mandatory Baths, hopefully the article bathing mandatory is correct The way the bath is above is the mandatory bathing procedure according to Islam, it can be useful for women and men who want to know more about Mandi Compulsory. Wassalam

What is tahajud prayer

What is tahajud prayer? Sunna prayer two rak’ah for each sala it is a prayer held in the third night. There is also a opinion that this prayer is done at half-time end of the night or two-third night until dawn time.

The scholars have two different opinions about the practice of prayer which in Arabic is called this Lail sholatun. The first opinion suggests that the Arabic prayer has the meaning of prayer at night should be done after waking at night. On the contrary, other scholars argue that people who want to practice this prayer do not need to sleep first.

The intention of performing the Tahajud prayer is actually short enough to be remembered easily.

The intention in the Latin is Ushollii sunnatat tahajjudi rak’ataini lillaahi ta’aalaa.

Intention to pray tahajud

Meaning that is “I (intend) prayer tahajud 2 rakaat because Allah Ta’ala”.

Procedures of Praying Tahajud

Ordinance of tahajud prayer

To implement the Tahajud prayer, the steps that must be implemented are:

Saying the intention of praying Tahajud slowly and appreciate the meaning in the heart
Saying Takbir (Allahhuakbar) while raising both hands to atassion like the usual takbir prayer
Read a prayer iftitah. Because of its sunnah, it would be better if done
Read the letter of Al-Fatihah.
Reading the Quran short letters such as An-Nas, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, or any other letter in the Qur’an.
Perform ruku movements’, i’tidal, prostration, to greeting while reading the reading for the movement.
For the next rakaat, follow steps 2-6
After the greeting, you are recited reading wirid, tasbih, tahmid, takbir, sholawat, istigfar, and prayer tahajud prayer
Prayer Prayer tahajud

Below is a reading of tahajud prayer in Arabic

Prayer Prayer tahajud

If you can not read Arabic yet, please read Prayer prayer tahajud in Latin text below

Niat Sholat Tahajud
Meaning of Prayer Prayer Tahajud

Below is the meaning of prayer tahajud prayer in the Indonesian language

“O God! Yours is all praise. You are the enforcers and administrators of the heavens and the earth and the creatures that are in them. Yours is all praise. You are the ruler of the heavens and the earth and the creatures that are in them. Yours is all praise. You are the light of the heavens and the earth and the creatures that are in them. Yours is all praise. You are the Truth (right), Your promise is true, meeting with You is true, Your words are true, heaven is true (there), hell is true (there), prophets are true, Prophet Muhammad was true , And the doomsday is true (there). O Allah! It is unto You that I have surrendered, only unto You I have faith, only unto Thee I put my trust in Thy only back, only thy deeds I have with my enemies, and only unto thee I condemn. Therefore, forgive all my sins, which I have done and which (may) I will do, which I keep secret and do openly, and the other sins that You know better than me. You are the All-First and You are the Last. There is no god but You, and there is no effort and power except with the help of God. ”

Number of Rakaat In Prayer Tahajud

Number of Rakaat Tahajud prayers
The minimum number of rakaat in Tahajud prayer is two rakaat twice salam while for maximum limit can be adjusted ability respectively. Rasulullah SAW perform tahajud prayer with 1 or 3 rakaat witr. He once prayed 8 rakajah tahajud with 3 rakaat wiitir. He also ever prayed tahajud 8 or 10 rakaat with 1 rakaat witir.

Procedures of Tahajud Prayer

Prayer Tahajud

Prayer Tahajud or doa sholat tahajud  is better known by tahajud prayer usually dillaksanakan on the last third of the night when other humans sleep in silence. This prayer includes sunnah prayer considering the many benefits we can feel.

Given the special of this prayer, to the extent that Anas bin Malik used to divide the night into 3 parts. Anas performs the night prayer in the first part, then awakens his wife to do the prayer, then his wife wakes her daughter up to work on the third part of the night. When Anas’s wife died, he divided the night into two parts. His first part and the second part of his daughter. Then with the death of Anas, his daughter ate trying to pray all night. Subhan Allah.

Lo! Those who are devoted are in the gardens (heaven) and in the springs of water, while taking what is given to them by their Lord. Surely they were before that in the world are the people who do good; They sleep very little at night, and in the late evening they ask God for forgiveness. (QS Adz-Dzariyat: 17)

Procedures of Tahajud Prayer

How to Do Prayer Tahajud is still the same as working on prayers in general starting with the reading of the intention of Salat and end with Salam, it’s just there is a difference reading the intention of prayer. Here’s the runtutannya

Saying the intention of praying Tahajud slowly and appreciate the meaning in the heart
Saying Takbir (Allahhuakbar) while raising both hands to atassion like the usual takbir prayer
Read a prayer iftitah. Because of its sunnah, it would be better if done
Read the letter of Al-Fatihah.
Reading the Quran short letters such as An-Nas, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, or any other letter in the Qur’an.
Perform ruku movements’, i’tidal, prostration, to greeting while reading the reading for the movement.
For the next rakaat, follow steps 2-6
After the greeting, you are recited reading wirid, tasbih, tahmid, takbir, sholawat, istigfar, and prayer tahajud prayer
Readings of Prayer Tahajud
The Tahajud Prayers are still the same as doing the prayers in general

Time of Prayer Tahajud


Implementing tahajud prayer can use some time:

The first 1/3 of the night, roughly around 19:00 to 22:00, this is the main moment
The first 2/3 nights, roughly, ranging from 22:00 to 01:00, this is a more important moment
The first 1/3 of last night, ranging from 1 am to dawn, this is the most important time

Sharia Nariyah Latin and Its Meaning

Prophet Muhammad is the most beloved man of the Muslims. Even more love for yourself.

A companion of the Messenger of Allah, Umar bin Khattab, once said to the Messenger. “Verily, O Messenger of Allah, is the one I love most of all than myself.” Said Umar bin Khattab r. On one occasion. The Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said, ‘No, for the Essence of my soul is in His Hands, so I love you more than yourself’. Umar said to him, ‘Now you are more loving than I am.’ Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Now, O Umar.” (Narrated by Bukhari VI / 2445 no.6257 ).

Priority of Sharia Nariyah

One way of expressing love to the Messenger of Allah is to be a believer. Allah swt says:

إن الله وملائكته يصلون على النبي يا أيها الذين آمنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما

“Verily Allah and His angels worship the Prophet. O ye who believe! Praise be to the Prophet and salute him. “(QS Al-Ahzaab: 56)


And one of the shalawat sounds taught by the scholars is Shalawat Nariyah.

Shalawat Nariyah Latin and Its Meaning

The sholawat reads as follows:

اللهم صل صلاة كاملة وسلم سلاما تاماعلى سيدنا محمد الذى تنحل به العقد وتنفرج به الكرب وتقضى به الحوائج وتنال به الرغائب وحسن الخواتم ويستسقى الغمام بوجهه الكريم وعلى آله وصحبه فى كل لمحة ونفس بعدد كل معلوم لك

O Allah, pour out the perfect salal and pour out the blessings of peace upon our Prophet Muhammad, who by all means can be solved, all the hardships can be eliminated, all needs can be fulfilled, and all that is coveted and husnul khatimah can be achieved, and thanks The noble self is falling down, and may be pledged to his family and his companions, every second and breath as much as you know. Sholawat nariyah

Sholawat Nabi, History and Function

Sholawat Nabi

Praise be to the prophet should make it a daily practice. Because not only many uses are found in the Holy Prophet, many faidahs are obtained after reading and practicing the prophet’s teachings.

Praying should not be long enough, if less time due to busyness can read short and short sholawat. Sholawat nabi in the prophet should not be long and bothered. Just do it as much as you do. Origin try to stay istiqomah.

Another benefit that you can feel when reading the verses of the prophet is that your life will also feel more peaceful and peaceful. With the presence of many Prophets so you will also lessen the burden in your life. Because we can tolerate a restless heart.

Various world things will also be so dizzy and exhausting if you are very concentrated in thinking about it. You will also be stressed and tired even longer. Various work problems are so dizzy and various personal problems are tiring.

But if you can always adhere to it and always do it even when you are doing daily, so your life is more and more peaceful and peaceful. Because by invitation will also make your heart calm and peaceful and can avoid the stress that struck.

Remember you with a pearl word that says “Get close to yourself with forever dzikir and bersholawat. Because with it will also make your heart happy and happy “.

History of Sholawat Nabi

There are several reasons and history it is recommended to read the prayer of Prophet Muhammad, among others are as follows:

1. Allah SWT himself has raised the name of Prophet Muhamma SAW beside Asma Allah SWT. ورفعنا لك ذكرك

It means “We exalted you your name (name)” (Q.S. Al-Insyiroh: 4)
Prophet Muhammad was sent as rahmatan lil ‘alamin
. وما ارسلناك إلا رحمة للعالمين

It means “And We have not sent you but to be a mercy to the worlds” (Q.S. Al-Anbiya ‘: 107)

2. Because of the greatness of the Prophet’s Apostle granted by Allah SWT to him.
وإنك لعلى خلق عظيم It means “And verily thou art of noble character” (Q.S. Al-Qalam: 4

A hadith narrated by wahab bin Munabih that the Prophet Muhammad explained, when Allah SWT created the Prophet Adam A.S. And blew the soul into his body, Allah SWT opens his eyes to see the door of heaven. Then seen by Adam A.S. There written sentence لاإله إلا الله محمد رسول الله. And when God dictated Eve with orgasms, Adam asked God to be mated with him, but Adam had to pay his dowries by reading Shalawat on Prophet Muhammad SAW for a hundred times.

Sholawat Nabi function

As for the function of reading shalawat to Prophet Muhammad SAW is:

1. To unlock everything. The intention is to apply (hope / hope) as the Prophet SAW said:

عن أبى هريرة رضي الله عنه قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: كل أمر ذي بال لايبدأ فيه بسم الله والصلاة فهو أقطع أبتر ممحق من كل بركة (رواه الرحوى)
Meaning: “Every important act that does not begin by calling the name of Allah and shalawatisaya perfection and cut off from blessings” (HR. Rahawi)
2. To fulfill the right of the Prophet as an intermediary between Allah SWT and His servants

ورفعنا لك ذكرك
It means “We exalted you your name (name)” (Q.S. Al-Insyiroh: 4)
3. To fulfill the command of Allah SWT contained in Al-Qur’an surat Al-Ahzab verse 56

ياايها الذين أمنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما
Means “O believers, pray for the Prophet and greet him”

Meaning of  Sholawat

Understanding Sholawat by Language
Shalawat is a plural form of the word salla or prayer which means: prayer, blessing, glory, welfare, and worship. So sholawat according to language can be interpreted as Do’a.
As in the following words of Allah SWT:

خذ من أموالهم صدقة تطهرهم وتزكيهم بها وصل عليهم إن صلاتك سكن لهم والله سميع عليم
“Take zakah from some of their wealth, with zakat you clean and purify them and pray for them. Your prayer is the tranquility of the souls for them. And Allah is Hearing, Knowing. “(At-Taubah: 103).

Dalil and Procedures of Sholat Hajat

As a weak creature, human beings have many needs. Among human intents, there are things that can be easily strived, and some need help. And the best of help is from Allah swt.

One way to bring help to a need or desire is fulfilled by sunnat shalat prayer. This is the right path and bring salvation in the Hereafter, rather than asking for help to a shaman, jinn or something that can make shirk.

Dalil Sholat Hajat

Sayyid Sabiq Rahimahullah in his book Fiqh Sunnah, bringing a hadith as the basis of prayer of intent.

وى أحمد بسند صحيح عن أبي الدرداء أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: من توضأ فأسبغ الوضوء ثم صلى ركعتين يتمهما أعطاه الله ما سأل معجلا أو مؤخرا

Narrated by Ahmad with a sane sanad, from Abu Darda, that the Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever performs wudoo and then perfected his wudhunya, then he prays two rak’ahs until sempuna, Allah will grant what he wants either immediately or upgraded.”

The following hadith is also often used as a postulate of sholat prayer. It’s just that some scholars of hadith regard it not shohih.

من كانت له إلى الله حاجة أو إلى أحد من بني آدم فليتوضأ وليحسن الوضوء ثم ليصل ركعتين ثم ليثن على الله وليصل على النبي ثم ليقل: لا إله إلا الله الحليم الكريم, سبحان الله رب العرش العظيم, الحمد لله رب العالمين, أسألك موجبات رحمتك وعزائم مغفرتك والغنيمة من كل بر والسلامة من كل إثم, لا تدع لي ذنبا إلا غفرته ولا هما إلا فر ته ولا حاجة هي لك رضا إلا قضيتها, يا أرحم الراحمين

“Whosoever has a need to God or to someone from the sons of Adam, then berwudhulah and improve wudhunya then pray two raka’at. Then let him praise Allah Almighty and repent to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and pronounce (do’a),’ There is no righteous worship but God the Most Spiritually and Mahamulia, Glorified Allah Rabb Arsy the Great, all praise millik God the Lord of nature, I plead with you the things that cause the coming of Your mercy, and that cause Your forgiveness and the benefit of every good and salvation from all sin. Thou shalt not leave me sin unless thou forgive, bitterness but Thou give the way out, nor the need which thou art happy but thou fulfill, O Merciful of the merciful ‘. “(Tirmidhi no 479 and Ibn Majah no. 1384. Al-Hafiz Abu Thahir says that this hadith is dha’if jiddan)

Shaykh Husamuddin ‘Afanah once asked calm shalat, here is his explanation:

يقول السائل: قرأت عن صلاة الحاجة في بعض كتب الأدعية, أرجو بيان حكمها وكيفيتها?

الجواب: اتفق كثير من الفقهاء على أن صلاة الحاجة مستحبة وأنها تكون عندما تعرض للإنسان حاجة من حوائج الدنيا المشروعة فيستحب له أن يتوضأ ويصلي ركعتين لله تعالى, ويسأل الله جل وعلا حاجته, فإن فعل ذلك مؤمنا بقدرة الله عز وجل, فأرجو أن يحقق الله له ما أراد فقد ورد في الحديث عن عثمان بن حنيف – رضي الله عنه – (أن أعمى أتى رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم – فقال: يا رسول الله, ادع الله أن يكشف لي عن بصري, قال: أو أدعك قال: يا رسول الله إنه قد شق علي ذهاب بصري, قال فاذهب فتوضأ, ثم صل ركعتين ثم قل: اللهم إني أسألك ….. “….

Questioner: I read about praying in some of the prayer books, I hope the explanation of the law and how to implement it?

Answer: Many jurists have agreed that shalat is a mustahab (favored / sunna), it is done when people want the needs among the intentions of the world justified by the Shari’a. It is given for him to perform ablution and then pray two rak’ahs for Allah ﷻ, and pray to Allah ﷻ, whoever does it because of faith in qadar Allah ﷻ, then Allah ﷻ grant him what he wants. There is a hadith from ‘Uthman bin Hunaif Radhiallahu’ Anhu, that a blind man came to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and said: “O Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah that my sight will be opened.” The Prophet replied: “Or am I praying for you?” The man said: Waai The Prophet said: “Go, then perform ablution, and pray two rak’ahs, then read:” O Allah I ask you … “(Fatawa Yas’alunaka, 3/32)

Procedures of Sholat Hajat

There is no difference between sholat hajat and other prayers in the ordinance. So did his prayer readings.

There is also for the number of Rakaat, jumhur scholars say two rak’ahs. Meanwhile, according to Hanafiyah four rakaat, while Al Ghazali said 12 rakaat. (Al Mausu’ah, 27 / 211-212), then praying according to intent (need).

Definition of the point of view and the type

This is the definition of the point of view and the type is also equipped with an example. Is that a point of view in a story? In this article, we will learn together about the definition of point of view and its types, in order to understand it you can read this article.

A. Explanation of point of view (Pengertian Sudut Pandang)

The point of view is the way in which the author of the story puts itself in the story, or from the point where the author of the story looks at the story, he is making. The point of view can be said also as a technique or intentional tactic done by the author to convey his story. Hence the viewpoint may influence the presentation of a story and its plot.

B. Types of points of view contained in the story

Viewpoints are generally divided into 4 types, including the following:

1. Person’s point of view as the main actor

The first is the point of view of the first person as the main actor, this point of view generally uses pronouns like Me or I to the main character of the story. In this viewpoint the author or storymaker seems to be involved in his story and himself as the main character in the story.

Is that the point of view in the story?
For example: In the morning I wake up from a long sleep that has melelapakanku, I rushed to the bathroom to bathe before leaving for school. After that I cleaned the bed and breakfast first, then after breakfast then I went to school and bertamaitan to parents …

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2. Person’s point of view as a side agent

The second is the first person as a perpetrator, meaning in this point of view as if the main character who told the story, but his position in the story is not as the main character.

For example: I am proud to see my dear friend Agus, he is very smart in various subjects in school. Sometimes I feel jealous of him, because he’s smarter than me, but he always helps me if I’m in trouble and he always accompanies me while playing …

3. The third person’s perspective knows everything

The third is the point of view of a third-person all-knowing, on this point of view generally using the pronoun like he, he or the name of the actor in the story created by the author.

For example: I’ve seen him waiting for the bus on the roadside for a month, but he has not seen one yet waiting for the bus with his friend. Is it possible he does not have a good friend? Or is he a loner? …

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4. The point of view of third-person observers

In this viewpoint he means the word “he” is very limited. The story writer describes what is seen, heard, experienced and felt by the main character in the story, but it is very limited to a single character. The characters in the story may be quite a lot but they are not given more opportunities to show the real person, so only the main character shows the true figure.

For example: Come a freshly dressed freshman into the classroom. His handsome face made all the girls in the class fell silent. Suddenly the new student smiled and made all the students in the class screaming hysterically, for not expecting the smile of the new students was very fascinating …

Meaning of SWOT Analysis

Understanding SWOT analysis and its benefits – SWOT analysis is a form of analysis within the management of the company or within the organization that can systematically assist in the preparation of a mature plan to achieve goals, both short-term goals and long-term goals.

A. Another explanation of SWOT Analysis

Or another SWOT analysis definition is a form of situation analysis and also a descriptive condition (giving a picture). This analysis places the situation as well as the conditions as input factors, then grouped according to their respective contributions. One thing that users of this analysis need to keep in mind is that this SWOT analysis is merely an analysis aimed at describing the situation at hand, and not a magical analysis tool capable of providing a solution for the current problem Faced.

SWOT stands for:

S = Strength (strength).
W = Weaknesses (weakness).
O = Opportunities.
T = Threats (obstacles).
B. Explanation of 4 (four) components of SWOT analysis, namely:

A. Strenght (S)

That is the analysis of strength, situation or condition that is the strength of an organization or company at this time. What needs to be done in this analysis is that every company or organization needs to assess its strengths and weaknesses in comparison with its competitors. For example, if the strength of the company is superior in the technology, then the benefits that can be utilized to fill the market segment that requires a level of technology and also more advanced quality.

What is a SWOT analysis?
B. Weaknesses (W)

That is the analysis of weaknesses, situations or conditions that are the weakness of an organization or company at this time. Is a way to analyze the weaknesses in a company or organization that becomes a serious constraint in the progress of a company or organization.

C. Opportunity (O)

That is the analysis of opportunities, situations or conditions that are opportunities outside an organization or company and provide opportunities for the organization to grow in the future. This way is to find opportunities or breakthroughs that allow a company or organization can grow in the future or future.

D. Threats (T)

That is the analysis of threats, how to analyze the challenges or threats that must be faced by a company or organization to deal with various kinds of environmental factors that are not profitable in a company or organization that causes decline. If not immediately overcome, the threat will be a barrier for a business concerned both in the present and future.

C. Benefit SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis method can be considered as the most basic method of analysis, which is useful to see a topic or a problem of 4 four different sides. The results of the analysis are usually directives or recommendations to maintain strength and to add advantage in terms of existing opportunities, while reducing shortcomings and also avoiding threats. If used correctly, this analysis will help to see the forgotten or invisible sides so far. From the above discussion, SWOT analysis is a useful instrument in analyzing strategy. This analysis serves as a tool to minimize the weaknesses that exist within a company or organization and reduce the impact of threats that arise and must be faced. Analisa SWOT

Understanding short stories and according to experts and their elements

Short story organizer and according to experts and its elements can you read, understand and observe in this article.

A. Short story explanation

The short story is a short story, a type of literary work that describes the story or story about human beings and the ins and outs of short writing. Or another short story definition is a fictitious essay whose contents are part of one’s life as well as a briefly told life that focuses on a character sja. The point of the short story here is that the story is less than 10,000 (ten thousand) words or less than 10 (ten) pages. In addition, the short story only gives such a single impression and focuses on one character and one situation only. read : Pengertian Cerpen

B. Short story structure

The text structure of the short story is 6 (six) parts:

Abstract – is a summary or essence of the story that will be developed into series of events or can be an early picture in the story. The abstract is optional which means a short story text may not use abstract.
Orientation – is related to time, atmosphere, and place related to the short story.
Complications – This contains the sequence of events linked by cause and effect, in this structure you can get the character or character of the story character because the complexity began to appear.
Evaluation – That is, the conflict structure that leads to climax begins to get its settlement out of the conflict.
Resolution – In the structure of this section, the author discloses the solution experienced by a character or a perpetrator.
Koda – This is the value or lesson that can be drawn from a short story text by the reader.
Understanding short stories
Is that a short story?
C. Intrinsic element of short story

A. Theme

The underlying idea of a story. The common themes contained in a story can usually be readily apparent in the story (explicitly) and indirectly, where the reader must be able to self-conclude (implied).

B. Groove (Plot)

The path of the story of a literary work. Broadly speaking, the sequence of steps in a story between: introduction> conflict or problem> increased conflict – the peak of conflict or climax> decreased conflict> settlement.

C. Setting or background

If the setting is related to the place, time, and atmosphere in a story.

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D. Figure Or Performer

That is the offender on a story. Each character usually has a character, attitude, nature and also a physical condition called a character or character. In the story there are the protagonist (the main character in a story), the antagonist (the opposite of the main character or the protagonist) and the figures (supporting figures for the story).

E. Characterization (perwatakan)

Giving character to the character or perpetrator of the story. The nature that has been given will be reflected on the thoughts, speech, and the views of the characters on something. Method penokohan there are 2 (two) kinds of them:

The analytical method is a characterization method that describes or mentions the nature of the character directly, such as: timid, arrogant, shy, angry, stubborn, etc.

The dramatic method is a method of characterization that indirectly describes or describes character traits through: Physical representation (eg dress, body posture, hair shape, skin color, etc.), portrayal through conversations performed by other figures, , Opinions, attitudes, etc.).

F. Point of View

It is the author’s vision of seeing an event in the story. There are several kinds of points of view, including the first person’s point of view (the language style with the “I” perspective), the observer’s point of view (3rd person), and the mixed viewpoint. The same point of view is also the person’s pronoun. In general, people’s point of view or pronouns are divided into 3 types:

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1. The first person pronoun (the person speaking):

Single, ie marked by the word “me, me” etc.
Plural, which is marked by “our word and us”.
2. The second person’s pronoun (the person in question)

Single, which is marked by the word “you, you, brother, there, father,” etc.
Plural, which is marked by the word “you”.
3. The third person pronoun (the person in question)

Single, which is marked by the words “He, he, he,” etc.
Plural, taitu marked by the word “them”.
G. Mandate or message

That is the mandate to be conveyed by the author through his work to the reader or listener. Messages can be hope, advice, and so on.

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D. Short story extrinsic element

The extrinsic element of the short story is a forming element that exists outside the short story itself (an element outside the literary work).

Short stories can not be separated from the state of society when the short story was made by the author. This element has a lot of influence on the presentation of the message and the background of the short story itself. Below this will extrinsic elements of the short story include: a. Background community The influence of the background condition of society is very influential on the formation of a story, especially short stories. Understanding it could be the assessment of the state ideology, state political conditions, social conditions of society, up to the economic conditions of society. The author’s backgroundThis can include our understanding of the history and history of previous articles. The background of the author usually consists of: Biography This contains the story of the author’s biography, which is written in its entirety. Psychological conditions, it contains an understanding of the condition of mood or circumstances that require an author to write a story or short story.Literary Flow, a writer will certainly follow Certain literary genres. This is very influential on the style of writing used by the author in creating a literary work.E. Here is the definition of short stories according to some experts This is some understanding short stories according to experts, you can read below: According to, H.B. Jassin – The Pope of Indonesian Literature – says that: the short story should have the introductory, disaggregated, & settlement section. As stated, A. Bakar Hamid in the article “Short Story” argues that: the short story is to be seen from the quantity, Namely the number of words used: between 500 – 20,000 words, the existence of a plot, the presence of a character, & the presence of an impression. And according to, Aoh. KH, defines that: short story is one of fictional fiction / story often called short prose narrative.F. Characteristics of short storiesThere are less than 10,000 (ten thousand) kata.Bentuk short form of course shorter than Novel.Isi of the story comes from everyday life.Penokohan in the short story is very simple.Bikes fiktif.Hanya only 1 plot.Habis read once Sit. Use of words that are easily understood by the reader. Lifting a few events in life is not entirely. The impression and message left behind so deeply that the reader also feel the contents of the short story.