Principles of Managing Money in the 20s to Stay in the Age of 30s

By | August 27, 2017

In this era of globalization, all business has become very open and there is a wide range of jobs that never existed before. Young people, including you, have the opportunity so wide to move on to the next economic class. Even make yourself a millionaire. The trick is simple, you can start with the tips below.

1. A permanent job may be one, but you must have additional work or freelance.

If you’ve got a job in a company, of course you must defend it. However, that does not mean you can be complacent, you know. You can find additional jobs that can be done when you do not work, ie at the time of the weekend. For example being a freelance writer, web designer, photographer, and so forth according to your personal interests. kata kata motivasi

2. Make firm decisions, determine your own future.

Never doubt your decision. Before making a decision, think carefully first. However, lest you create a state of being “in the middle” because it will hamper your own productivity. Know what is good and what is not for you.

3. Instead of showing off luxury goods, it’s better to be modest but your income is great.

When you have more money, avoid becoming a big head and buy luxury goods to show off to your friends. Remember, prestige is only for a moment. Better to collect first, keep it simple, and when you become a millionaire, you can show all the results of your hard work during this time.

4. Get out of your comfort zone and your regular income. It’s time you tried new things!

The majority of people prefer a fixed income because it is considered safe. But are you aware that you are endangering yourself in the future? Especially if your regular income is not up, or up just a little. Dare you to take a step forward by opening your own small business.

5. Think positive and optimistic about yourself. Believe me, you can also be a millionaire!

“I will not be like him.” Avoid thinking like that. Of course, you can even be much more powerful than anyone, as long as you dare to step and try. Focus on your own strengths and take advantage of getting the best results. Kata Kata Lucu

6. Get acquainted or go into the circle of intelligent people and you admire.

Interaction also affect your career ladder and future, you know. If you gather with people whose social status is above you, then you will be encouraged to pursue, even surpass them. You can also get many lessons by socializing together.

7. Determine the targets in the future, as well as how to achieve them.

Target is not enough, because the target should be able to achieve. Write on a piece of paper and paste it in a certain place to keep reminding and motivating you.

8. Do not be stingy to invest in yourself.

If you dare to buy a mobile phone for millions of dollars just to chat and see the social media, you do not have the heart to spend money to buy books, attend seminars or pay to socialize? Although it seems unimportant, unconsciously these investments have an effect on your future, you know.

9. Avoid saving money in the bank, instead tube it by buying investment.

Who says saving money in the bank is good? Save a little in the bank for living expenses as well as investment yourself for a month ahead. In addition, set aside as much as possible to be invested into foreign currency, deposits, stocks, and various other investment options.

10. Change your thinking about money. Money is not everything!

Money is not something eternal, eternal, or frightening. You can control the money, and you have to trust it. Money is not something hard to get, if you lure it de

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